The date is set… for my cover reveal!

Yes, that’s right. The date you’ve all been waiting anxiously for has finally been decided (well, the interim date before the REALLY big date of the book launch). The cover for my debut New Adult novel, The Big Smoke, will be revealed on … drum roll… Wednesday 26 September! Only 25 sleeps to go!

To whet your appetite, I’ve included two slivers of the cover in this post. If you’d like to be part of the biggest cover reveal this year (hey, a girl can dream!), let me know in the comments and you’ll go in the draw to win prizes, such as my eternal gratitude and never-ending friendship. In fact, every entrant is guaranteed to win both those prizes. Could this get more awesome?! I think not!

In other news, baby-girl-in-tum is growing nicely, and Mark (beloved) and I are having all kinds of fun coming up with possible names. There are some front-runners but we don’t have a firm winner yet (and if there was, it would be a secret!).

Your turn 

Any guesses about what’s featured on the cover based on the slivers? Would you like to be part of the cover reveal? Have you seen any truly awesome covers recently?

P.S. Thanks to those who have already said they’d like to be involved in the cover reveal. I’ve got your names saved and you receive an extra large dose of gratitude!


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25 Responses to The date is set… for my cover reveal!

  1. I love your idea of putting up slivers as teasers! I’m spending way too much time trying to figure out how the blanks will be filled in :)… and not coming up with much!

  2. The Golden Eagle

    I’d be happy to participate in your cover reveal!

    Those slivers are intriguing . . . my guess is a girl in front of a city skyline, based mostly on the vertical one.

  3. Woot! You’re officially penciled in!
    Can’t wait!!! 😀

  4. Slicing up parts of the cover like this is very interesting. I see a face lying horizontal. It also looks like the coloring is reminiscent of surreal artworks by perhaps Salvatore Dali, but the inclusion of maybe a building in one piece reminds me of M.C. Escher’s technique. I have no clue, but I’m intrigued and want to see the whole thing.

    Of course, I would love to be part of the cover reveal. I think that would be very exciting.

  5. Great sneak peek! It’s definitely an intriguing cover!! 🙂

  6. Nhi

    Very exciting Cally 🙂 I can see a sliver of something that looks like the Story Bridge.

  7. Ooh, it looks very artistic! Looking forward to revealing it 🙂 And it must be so much fun coming up with baby names!

    • It is a lot of fun. Though Mark and I have different taste in names so it makes for some interesting arguments! Mainly they go something like this:

      Mark: What about Courtney? Cally: Ugh. No way. What about Evie? Mark: Nope. Don’t like it. Cally: *sigh*

  8. Your slivers are puzzling. With a title The Big Smoke then background could be a cityscape, with an alpha Female at centre, resting on the bodies of her vanquished competitors. Or there could be two figures, male and female, circling each other, over recumbent opposition.
    I am opposed to saddling kids with obscure names but Natasha Mitchell’s “Life Matters” on RN mentioned these names: Calico, Ever, Apple, Poet, Dusti Rain, Spec Wildhorse, Pilot Inspektor. Female versions of some could possibly be devised. If your offpspring is never distinguishable for anything else, at least she can have a distinct name. On the other hand, as a school teacher, I loathe unusual forenames because school children should distinguish themselves by their work and no-one is held back by a common name. Nevertheless, an unusual family name can get attention; Jackson is a memorable and neutral name. Glenda Jackson is taken but how about Margot Jackson?

  9. From the slivers, it looks great. I’ll participate.

  10. Congratulations on the upcoming reveal! No idea what it is though.

  11. howardgirls2003

    I’ll feature you on my blog, if you’re up to it Cally!! So exciting!!

  12. Wow, even from the slivers I’ve seen here today, I can tell it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see the whole cover 🙂

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