An Introduction To Neobux


With the growing online marketplace, you can make money without even investing a penny. All that you require is a high drive to propel yourself forward. If you have heard about Neobux before, then here is more interesting information. It is a free paid to click service that is available in different languages. Let us check if the program Neobux is legit or scam, because so many online earning sites have cropped up leaving us in a jeopardy. Let us get some idea about the various claims mentioned in the site of Neobux.

Neobux is a site to benefit both the advertisers and users. You can find more inputs on how does neobux work right here. The portals of share information about different profitable ways to earn money online. Let’s take a sneak peek preview into the various facets of Neobux.

Creating an account with Neobux

You can begin registration by filling in the username, password, email, year of birth, and other essential details. There is an image and email verification process once you enter the mandatory fields. Make sure to type the validation code provided by the Neobux team. You can then create an account for free and start earning enormously. After registration, there is a Login option where you can use your username and password to explore the Neobux site.

To get started with Neobux

As soon as you enter, you can view the menu at the right corner of your account. You can click that to find a variety of tasks to earn money. There is a view advertisement option where you can see the adverts and get paid for the same. A minimum of 4 ads must be clicked daily. There is also a chat link to speak with others in the forum. You can use your account to track the total amount earned and the balance. You can also double your income by renting referrals to view ads.

Making money by seeing ads

There are six varieties of advertisement classification that includes fixed ads, disappearing ads, extended ads, standard ads, mini ads, and micro ads. These are arranged in a table with rows. The advertisements get reset after a given time. You must click the title of the ad to view it.

The advertisement must completely load for you to see. There is a progress bar which indicates the loading process. If you try to close the window before the sequence, you fail to receive a payment. By viewing adverts this way, you can earn about $15 annually.

Renting referrals to double your income

Your references work on behalf of you. They also receive money when they see adverts. But the best part is you can do referrals work. There are two types, the direct and the rented. Your direct referrals use your name as reference whereas the rented ones are hired by you for a month.

You must complete your 30 days membership and should have made 100 clicks to make your referrals. You can use the banner which is a link to bring in people. You can also speak to your friends and family and ask them to use your name while registering with Neobux. You can pay and hire referrals also. Before opting check if it is a scam or genuine program to earn money or just a waste of time.

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