Interesting Facts About The Essential Oils


According to medical experts, certain plants have medicinal value in curing various minor ailments that occur to most of us. Many grand mothers are well aware of these plants as well as the oils extracted from these plants. After browsing the website, readers can understand the value of these essential oils. As described in the website, the pure essential oils have the power to calm and invigorate in equal measures in dealing any illness. This short article is primarily written to educate the readers as well as the modern homemakers about these highly aromatic oils and how these essential oils could help to improve our well-being and provide us that uplifting feeling when we need it most.

Essential Oils- A short history

Holistic treatments using essential oils have been around for many decades. Some of the first reported uses of essential oils for therapeutic purposes were found in ancient Egypt. The people, who lived there, used aromatic herbs and plants and their essences for rituals, cosmetics, and medicines, as well as in the process of embalming and mummification. These uses and many others have been assimilated by many cultures and have been perpetuated throughout history into modern times, especially in the area of aromatherapy. This unique therapy was coined by a French chemist Gattefosse in the last century when he accidentally found the use of lavender oil when the undiluted oil falls on his burnt hand. He has observed that the oil not only offered him comfort but also protected his hand from any infection. Perhaps, this incident seems to be the real birth of Aromatherapy, which later becomes popular in the modern world.

Familiar, essential oils

There are variety of essential oils, few of them are familiar than others. Such oils are more common in many homes. Oils such as Lemon, Tea tree, Lavender are widely used at many homes for various health disorders. In addition to the oils, other essential oils like Eucalyptus, Germanium, Peppermint, and Sandalwood have relaxing properties as well as medicinal uses. Readers who are interested in knowing more about these essential oils can get better information through books or the internet. Essential oils are aromatic and have many healing powers. We find many people benefiting from essential oil and it also helps in relaxing and soothing effect on your mind.

Benefits of essential oils

Undoubtedly, essential oils have some air freshening features besides being aromatic. These oils are widely used in three ways namely external application, inhalation, and ingestion. When applied to the skin the essential oil soaks around the skin like any external ointment. During inhalation, the molecules of the oil are absorbed easily by our noses as well as in the respiratory tract. When it comes to ingestion, it has to be done by the trained experts as few of these essential oils carry some toxic substances which are dangerous to few organs inside the body. Essential oils are widely used for various applications like massage, inhalation and even during a bath.

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