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Cover reveal: The Faerie War by Rachel Morgan


The fate of the faerie world is in her hands…



How amazing is that cover? I think the orange works perfectly. Although it’s pretty, like the other covers, there’s something intense about it too, which works well given it’s about a war. (Props to Morgan Media for another awesome cover design.)

I cannot WAIT to read this book. I loved the first two in the Creepy Hollow series (as you can tell by my reviews). Lucky for me, the release date for The Faerie Prince is only a couple of months away (October), so I’ll get my hot little hands on it soon enough! ūüôā


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A book trailer for The Big Smoke, courtesy of Morgan Media

I’ve often considered making a book trailer for The Big Smoke, but never managed to find the time. ¬†So you can imagine my delight when my dear blogging buddy, Rachel Morgan, offered to do it for me. I’m thrilled with the results. Here it is:


Pretty cool, hey? You might be wondering WHY Rachel offered to make me a book trailer. Well, apart from being a generous person, she’s also launching a new business called Morgan Media, which will provide “quality services to indie authors at affordable rates”.

Here’s what Rachel has to say about her new business…

“I’m an indie author, and it’s taken me many, many, MANY hours of work to figure out how to navigate every step from finished manuscript to published work. There’s the ebook formatting and the print book formatting and the ebook cover design and the print book cover design. Then comes the marketing–of both yourself and your book–and for that you need blog tour buttons and blog headers and Facebook fan page cover images and artwork for bookmarks and button badges and postcards and whatever else you might want to give away as part of your book launch.¬†All of this takes a spectacular amount of time that you probably don’t have, especially if you’re busy promoting one book and trying to write the next one. So why not get someone experienced to take care of most of these steps for you? That’s what Morgan Media is for.”

I ‘met’ Rachel when I first joined the blogosphere more than two years ago (we even hosted our first blogfest together!), and I can confirm that she is a talented, organised, creative and switched-on gal. I have no doubt that if you use Morgan Media’s services, you won’t be disappointed.
To celebrate the launch of Morgan Media, Rachel is giving away 1 x $20 Amazon gift voucher and 2 x $40 Morgan Media vouchers in this¬†Rafflecopter giveaway. It’s very easy to enter so go do it now!
You can find Morgan Media in the following places online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | DeviantArt | YouTube


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