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More info about the fifth Writers’ Platform Building Campaign


I'm a platform-building campaigner badge

I’m getting super excited about hosting the next Writers’ Platform Building Campaign in September. I have a feeling it’s going to be epic.

For those who’ve been Campaigners before (and also for new Campaigners), I thought you might like to know how Rach and I are planning to structure things this time around. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to let me know in the comments. If you missed my announcement post about hosting the next Campaign, it would be a good idea to pop over and read that one before reading the rest of this one.


One of the biggest aspects of the Campaigns is the groups. As regular Campaigners know, after you’ve signed up to the Campaign overall, you then head over to the groups section and pop your name down in one or more groups. The idea is that you become bloggy buddies with the people in your group/s by visiting their blogs and commenting regularly throughout the Campaign (and forevermore, if you find bloggers you like!).

Past Campaigns have had both large groups and small groups, and we’ve done a bit of brainstorming about what we think works best. This year, groups will have a maximum of ten Campaigners. Hopefully, this will allow group members to really get to know each other as it will be manageable to support all of your group members throughout the Campaign. Campaigners who have time to support more than ten people will be welcome to join more than one group.

One of the biggest ways we support our fellow group members is by subscribing to or following their blogs, so make sure it’s easy for people to follow/subscribe to your blog by having all of your options easy to find in your sidebar (for example, follow by email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Google Friend Connect if you’re on Blogger etc).

As per tradition, there’ll be groups based on genre/category (such as fantasy, young adult, new adult, romance), but there’ll also be ‘mixed bag’ groups for Campaigners who want to connect with others outside traditional boundaries. Groups for newbie bloggers have been really well received in the past (I know, because I was in one once!) so we can’t go past having those again as well.

Campaigner Directory

A new addition to the Campaign will be a Campaign Directory, which will list each Campaigner, their blog address, writing genre/s and/or category, Twitter handle, location (country and state/province – completely optional), names of any published books, and where they’re at with writing (e.g. just starting out through to several published books). That way, if Campaigners are interested in connecting with others at a similar stage (or in the same location), they can!


As I said in my previous Campaign post, there will be two awesome Campaigner Challenges and, hopefully, oodles of prizes. We’ll be streamlining the prizes this time to make it easier administratively and also to make sure winners get prizes they want/need.

What do I mean by that? Well, before we were writers, we were readers, so I’m assuming we all like books. Thus, all of the prizes for this campaign will be books – e-books, hard copy books and vouchers for books. This means no manuscript critiques etc. Don’t get me wrong, critiques are extremely valuable, but you have to be at a particular stage of writing to make use of them, which may not be the case for our Campaign Challenge Winners. But we can all never have too many books to read!

Your turnĀ 

What do you think of keeping groups to ten Campaigners only? Are there any other groupings you’d like to see? What are your thoughts on having a Campaign Directory? Do you think it will be useful? Is there any other info you’d like to see included in it? And what about the prizes – would a big pile of free books be your ultimate reward? Rach and I would really love to hear your thoughts so please don’t be shy in commenting!


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