Health Benefits Of Good Testosterone Levels In Your Body!


Testosterone is a hormone produced in both male and female bodies. In male body, it is produced in the testicles whereas, in the female body, the ovaries and the adrenal glands are the producers of this hormone. The amount of the hormone is much smaller in women compared to that of men. If the level of this hormone goes below the normal level, then it creates health issues in both males and females. Check out what are the normal levels at HealthGains!

Testosterone hormone is essential for maintaining your muscle mass and bone density, voice development, sexual libido, mood balance, concentration, memory, etc. According to the experts at, most of the hormonal imbalances can be treated with the right kind of methods. The case of testosterone is also not different! It is quite natural for the level of testosterone to reduce with age, and there are excellent methods such as replacement therapy to bring your hormones back to their normal levels. What are the advantages of maintaining a healthy testosterone level in your body? Let us see one by one!

Control your weight and gain muscle mass
Testosterone treatments would reduce the fat and the lean body mass and instead increase the muscle mass. This is ideal for men who would like to have a fit and strong body. It would help in controlling your body weight and also provides you with more energy. The results are the maximum when the treatment is coupled with regular exercise and strength training.

Bones with better strength
Testosterone hormone plays a vital role in maintaining the bone mineral density. Low testosterone level is often the reason for weak bones and the related ailments such as osteoporosis. So, the treatments which help in increasing testosterone levels would directly increase the strength and quality of your bones.

Robust heart and blood
It is the heart that pumps blood to rest of the internal organs and so, a healthy heart is a must for the entire body to stay healthy. Low testosterone often increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to poor heart health. If the testosterone levels are restored to the normal value, then it increases the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow which increases the quality of the blood, and the overall health of the heart and other organs.

Excellent sexual libido
Testosterone is greatly related to sexual interest and performance. Testosterone therapy would help to boost your sexual libido. The therapy would also help in resolving the postmenopausal sexual discomforts in women.

Improved memory, concentration, and verbal skills
There is no direct evidence for the connection between testosterone and thinking ability. But research proves that risk of Alzheimer’s disease is less in men with high levels of testosterone. Testosterone treatment in men between 35 and 70 years also showed an improved memory.

You would not be able to enjoy these many benefits if your testosterone level is below the normal value. So, if you are experiencing symptoms, get the level checked. Consult a doctor, take the proper treatment and enjoy a healthy life!